This information relates to the restrictions from September 17th.

The information about restrictions from November 5th are currently provided on the main restrictions page.

A1) Household Gatherings
A2) Visiting Households
B)Travel Restrictions
C) Schools
D) Areas Effected
E1) Hospital Visits
E2) Care Home Visits
F) Hospitality Closing Early
G) Transport
H) Reporting Violations
I) Review of Restrictions
J) Childcare

A) Household Gatherings:

Your support bubble (if you have one) will still count as a single household, so you can meet with them. However, you can not meet with others outside your household.

A2) Visiting Households

You are only permitted to visit another persons household, if it is for one of the following reasons:

– where everyone in the gathering lives together or is in the same support bubble
– to attend a birth at the mother’s request
– to visit a person who is dying (the visitor can be someone the dying person lives with, a close family member, friend or, if none of those is visiting, anyone else)
– to fulfil a legal obligation
– for work purposes (see guidance on working safely in other people’s homes), or for the provision of voluntary or charitable services
– for the purposes of education or training
– for the purposes of childcare provided by a registered provider
– to provide emergency assistance
– to enable one or more persons in the gathering to avoid injury or illness or to escape a risk of harm
– to facilitate a house move
– to provide care or assistance to a vulnerable person
– to continue existing arrangements for access to, and contact between, parents and children where the children do not live in the same household as their parents, or one of their parents.

B)Travel Restrictions

There are no known travel restrictions at this time. However, you should not visit anyone’s home inside or outside of the restricted area (except for your support bubble).

C) Schools

Schools will remain open as usual. However, we are awaiting clarification on wether or not face coverings will be mandatory in communal areas.

Individual schools may choose to do some remote learning or require face coverings in corridors, in-line with their own policies.

D) Areas Effected

Durham (County Council area)
Gateshead (Metropolitan Borough Council area)
Newcastle (City Council area)
Northumberland (County Council area)
North Tyneside (Metropolitan District Council area)
South Tyneside (Metropolitan District Council area)
Sunderland (City Council area)

E1) Hospital Visits

The County Durham & Darlington NHS Trust has announced the suspension of visits to inpatients from 9AM on Friday.

A full statement including the hospitals effected can be found at

E2) Care Home Visits

Care homes in the region are closed to non-essential visitors, excluding health care professionals and those involved in end of life care (including family members).

F) Hospitality Closing Early

The following venues are subject to the 10PM-5AM Curfew:

– pubs
– bars and restaurants (including hotel dining rooms and members’ clubs)
– cafes including workplace canteens (but not including cafes or canteens at hospitals, care homes, prisons, establishments intended for the use of naval, military or air force purposes and for providing food or drink to the homeless)
– social clubs
– cinemas
– theatres
– casinos
– bingo halls and concert halls
– amusement arcades or other indoor leisure centres or facilities
– static/fixed funfairs (indoors or outdoors), theme parks, and adventure parks and activities

These venues are allowed to operate a takeaway service during the curfew, but no sit-in.

G) Transport

You should avoid using public transport, unless it is for essential purposes.

You are also advised against car sharing with those outside your household or support bubble.

H) Reporting Rule Violations

If an individual is breaching restrictions, you can report it to Durham Constabulary via their website or non-emergency line. The police will assess the circumstances to determine the appropriate action.

If you have concerns that a business or venue is not following the guidance, you can report it to the council by emailing

I) Review of Restrictions

These restrictions will he reviewed on a weekly basis.

J) Childcare (21/09/20)

Statement from Matt Hancock:

Today I’m able to announce a new exemption for looking after children under the age of 14 or vulnerable adults where that is necessary for caring purposes.

“It does not allow for play dates or parties but it does mean that consistent childcare arrangement that is vital for somebody to get to work is allowed.”

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